Star Trek: “The Mark of Gideon”

Air Date: 01.17.1969
Stardate: 5423.4


The Gideons are watching you masturbate.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Good idea, terrible execution. I can stretch my suspension of disbelief quite a ways to include things like tribbles and even those fucking Tellerites, but the idea that someone on a planet so overpopulated would build an exact duplicate of the Enterprise just to capture one person so they can get germs from him? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Why not just find a discarded tissue or sleep with him for that matter? God knows he’s probably crawling with any number of alien STDs and in a population that large, there’s got to be a lot of sex going on!

Too much time is wasted on Kirk wandering the corridors of the duplicate Enterprise and the tedious scenes of Spock and McCoy trying to get him back although I did enjoy the exchanges between Spock and Hodin.

I would call this one borderline awful/border line average. Like the population of Gideon, there’s to many damn things jammed together for it to function.


Interesting Fact: The episode references the Biblical recount of Gideon. Before Gideon prepared for battle, God told him to reduce the number of his men by having them drink from a stream. Those who drank directly from the stream were sent home and those who scooped water in their hands were kept.

“The people of Gideon have always believed that life is sacred. That the love of life is the greatest gift… we are incapable of destroying or interfering with the creation of that which we love so deeply… life in every form from fetus to developed being.”
– Hodin

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  • Douglas Self

    Another episode outdated by changes in American culture. In the day, Zero Population Growth was in vogue. Now, everyone’s getting knocked up, and marriage is irrelevant. Roddenberry, uber-liberal that he was, takes a swipe at dogmatic religion (the only explanation for why the Gideonites are literally cheek-to-cheek, never mind that economic forces alone, plus the terrible strain that their literal numbers would place on any productive activity. If the Gideonite’s are that packed in, how do they even pair off and knock boots? Another premise poorly thought out and executed. The limits of hack screen writing and shoestring budgets, as Paramount severely cut the production budgets at NBC’s behest. Ya gets what ya pays for.