Star Trek: “The Enterprise Incident”

Air Date: 09.27.1968
Stardate: 5027.3


Looking at this episode, you have to wonder how this is the same television show who, only a week before, offered “Spock’s Brain” on an unsuspecting populous. Where Spock’s Brain is just plain stupid, The Enterprise Incident is a very smart and very tense spy thriller.

It has a tight plot, lots of twists and turns, unclear motivations from great characters that push established characters to new and strange territory.

I’m not afraid to say that in a season of disappointment and embarrassment, this is one of the best of the series.


Interesting Fact: Originally, McCoy was to accompany Kirk on the mission also disguised as a Romulan. This idea was not only abandoned for budgetary concerns, but also because, as Robert Justman pointed out to the writers, McCoy could not believably perform plastic surgery on himself.

“Commander, your attire is not only more appropriate, it should actually stimulate our conversation.”
– Spock

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