Star Trek: “The Cloud Miners”

Air Date: 02.28.1969
Stardate: 5818.4


…and that one looks like a penis!

I have to say, this episode gets a lot of hate but I like it. Granted, it’s not mind-blowingly awesome or deserving of five stars or even four, but it’s all right.

I suppose the thing that does it for me is the steadfast position on behalf of ideals that Kirk and his crew takes. After a season where a lot of that seemed to fly out the airlock, it was a refreshing return even if the Prime Directive was violated and Kirk is basically imposing his will on a population like an imperialist.

Still, it’s nice to see a conflict injected with ideas which is what Star Trek is about. This might not be Trek at its best, but it’s definitely nothing to be ashamed of.


Interesting Fact: Manny Coto stated in an interview that he wanted to write a Star Trek: Enterprise episode set on Stratos. Obviously, this never happened.

“This troubled planet is a place of most violent contrasts… those who receive the rewards are totally separated from those who shoulder the burdens. It is not a wise leadership.”
– Spock

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  • Douglas Self

    It’s redistributionist bullshit. There’d been a huge army of security (the “Sentinels”) but also bureaucrats, gang-bosses, etc to keep the miners and other workers in line and productive. There’s got to be a few troglytes that are rich as fuck from running the mines, not unlike the Hebrew Dathan in the “Ten Commandment” (Edgar G. Robinson).
    Also, if the zenite gas is the reason why the troglytes are violent and stupid, then once they work elsewhere than the mines, they would smarten up, and likely overthrow the Stratos City dwellers.
    The only redeeming value of this socialistic screed is that it features Droxine and Vanna, both of whom are uber-hot.