Star Trek: The Animated Series: “Yesteryear”

Air Date: 09.15.1973
Stardate: 5373.4


For an episode of the animated series, “Yesteryear” holds up extremely well – so well, in fact, that I would put it right up there with some of the classics of TOS.

This episode is just so good! A mystery from the beginning with the sudden erasure of Spock from the timeline to the tragic demise of a pet who I thought was put into the episode purely to appeal to children.

Sarek and Amanda return, there’s some insight into Vulcan culture, and as a character episode it does Spock great justice. Best episode of the series.

Too bad this is apparently as good as it got.


Interesting Fact: When story editor D.C. Fontana was writing this episode she ran into opposition from the network executives when they learned her story would have Spock’s beloved pet mortally wounded and requiring euthanasia. The executives were concerned that it would upset young viewers and insisted that the pet be allowed to live. Gene Roddenberry supported Fontana and reassured the management that she would handle the story appropriately. As it turns out, there were never any complaints about the episode and the story is considered the finest of the series.

Every life comes to an end when time demands it. Loss of life is to be mourned but only if the life was wasted.

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