Star Trek: The Animated Series: “The Time Trap”

Air Date: 11.24.1973
Stardate: 5267.2


Ulk! Another episode with a two minute plot stretched out over 30 minutes with terrible pacing, awful voice acting, and a pointless script with pointless useless council characters who do nothing but whine and fuck up the plot with shallow morality when needed.

Every member of the Enterprise is retarded in this episode unable to find even the most obvious duplicity from some very two dimensional villains and made every minute of this goddamn episode was a fucking chore.


Interesting Fact: This is an episode of firsts and lasts. For the first time, a Federation starship is seen that is a different class than Constitution even though it flies in the face of canon as “The Time Trap” says that the Bonaventure was the first Earth ship with warp drive even though we all know that is was Zephram Cochrane’s Pheonix. This was also the final appearance of smooth-headed Klingons as the next time we saw them was Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The smooth-headed Klingons wouldn’t be seen again until 1996 with Deep Space Nine‘s “Trials and Tribble-ations” and the 2004 Enterprise episode “Affliction.”

It doesn’t matter. THAT’S what matters.
– Kirk upon seeing the stars again.

Fuck this episode up its stupid ass!

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  • Douglas Self

    What it DID have was showing a host of divergent races, 123 of them in all, living in perfect harmony in this sub-region of space kum-bay-yah…. Never mind HOW they maintain power and supplies over the centuries. If there’s a planet to draw foodstuffs and water from, why not just live there? It did put for the “Great Bird of the Galaxy’s” vision of “can’t we all just get along” forth, but very clumsily.
    The smooth-headed Klingons of this era act treacherous…no honor…no wonder Worf said ‘later’ (actually beforehand in the ST timeline)…”they are Klingons… IS a long story.” When queried further, he said, with impatience, “We do NOT speak of it with OUTSIDERS!”