Star Trek: The Animated Series: “The Slaver Weapon”

Air Date: 12.15.1973
Stardate: 4187.3


Say what you will about the animated series. It might largely be a deep and smelly cesspool, but it can surprise you at the strangest time. After sitting through crap like “The Time Trap,” “The Infinite Vulcan,” and “The Terratin Incident” an episode like “The Slaver Weapon” comes along that is perfectly paced, well acted, takes advantage of underused characters, uses them as intelligent and reasoning people, and introduces a genuinely interesting and exciting new alien race with customs that are unique to them.

I loved this episode. I never saw it before and seeing it now is such a welcome gift. This one is up there with the first season of classic Trek.


Interesting Fact: This was the first and only episode of the animated series in which there are on-screen deaths. It is also the only time in either the classic or animated that the Enterprise does not appear (save for the credit sequence) nor are there any scenes on board her. This is also the first episode of Star Trek since “The Cage” that Kirk does not appear. The Kzinti would have made an appearance on Star Trek: Enterprise in an episode tentatively named “Kilkenny Cats”, but the show was canceled before this could happen.

“Guard your speech. None of my crew has tasted human meat as our ancestors once did. We would welcome the opportunity.”
– Cuft Captain

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