Star Trek: The Animated Series: “The Practical Joker”

Air Date: 09.21.1974
Stardate: 3183.3


My Gods, what a retarded episode. The Enterprise’ computer suffers a mental breakdown and turns into an asshole pulling practical jokes on the crew. Want to know what the cruelest joke played was? It was this goddamn episode!

All right, in all seriousness… out of all the animated episode, this one was the most geared towards kids. It’s not as awful as I led on, but it’s pretty pathetic and never materializes as a comedy mostly because the voice cast is so terribly awful.


Interesting Fact: This episode includes the first appearance of a holodeck in Star Trek history (and summarily, the “holodeck malfunction”), although it was known here as a recreation room. Gene Roddenberry had intended to introduce a holodeck-type room in the third season of the Original Series; however, budget constraints prohibited it.

“Our air is being pumped full of nitrous oxide… better known as “laughing gas,” but it’s no laughing matter.”
– Spock

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