Star Trek: The Animated Series: “Once Upon a Planet”

Air Date: 11.03.1973
Stardate: 5591.2


I swear to God, this is an actual picture from the episode.


While this episode had a promising start, it quickly turns into a boring and ridiculous mess. It just wasn’t a good story and I lost total interest in it about halfway through when a giant kitty cat showed up and tried to use the crew as a scratching post.

After that, it was all a god-awful blur of bad dialogue and Kirk once again talking a computer not to death, but to boredom.


Interesting Fact: An accomplished singer, Nichelle Nichols as Lieutenant Uhura, sang in this episode as she had done in a number of original Star Trek episodes. In this episode, she vocalized for almost 40 seconds

Watch out for the claws.
– Spock. Thanks for the tip, asshole.

Donner shits on “Once Upon a Planet.”

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