Star Trek: The Animated Series: “Beyond the Farthest Star”

Air Date: 09.08.1973
Stardate: 5521.3


Dignity… we has lost it.

I am having to rediscover the animated series as it’s been a couple of decades since I’ve last seen it. So far, I’ve made a rather remarkable discovery in that it hasn’t been that bad so far. Actually, for 1970’s Filmation cartoons, it’s very good. Nice and mature even. What a nice surprise! I will have to say that I’m going to review these episodes in their context and will probably go easier on them as it was a cheap little series.

Certainly, as it will crop up time and time again, I will only mention it here and that’s the cheap and robotic animation. Pretty terrible.

What is refreshing about this pilot is that it allows things that we never would have seen on the series – a massive new spaceship, non-humanoid aliens, and even spacewalks. “Beyond the Farthest Star” has them all and exploits them nicely. As a story, it’s straightforward, but you can’t really expect anything too complicated from this cartoon. As it is, it’s awfully damn good and nothing that deserves the odious reputation that the animated series has.


Interesting Fact: Lieutenant Kyle reappears from the original series, though voiced by James Doohan, replacing John Winston. Kyle has grown a mustache by this point, which foreshadows John Winston sporting a goatee in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Compared to the people who built this ship, we are primitives. Even you Mr. Spock.

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