Star Trek: “That Which Survives”

Air Date: 01.24.1969
Stardate: Unknown

What was the point of this episode?

It was cotton candy only without the sugary sweetness. The plot was uninteresting, the cast obviously didn’t care for this episode either as any urgency on their part is completely non-existent, and both the story on the planet and the one on the Enterprise fails miserably.

I’ve got your nose, Captain!

What’s worse is that everyone – everyone – is so completely out of character. Spock, for instance, is so snide and so sarcastic to the point where you want to rip his goddamn ears off and let Scotty use his skull as a toilet for the unnecessary abuse he gets in this episode.

Terrible episode.


Interesting Fact: This episode establishes that people can move and are still aware of their surroundings while in the midst of being dematerialized by the transporter. This concept would be continued in the following movies and series, such as in Wrath of Khan in which Kirk manages to continue a conversation with Lt. Saavik while beaming; and the Next Generation episode “Realm of Fear” in which Lt. Barclay becomes aware of beings existing within the transporter beam.

“What is it in you humans that requires an overwhelming display of emotion in a situation such as this? Two men pursue the only reasonable course of action indicated, and yet you feel that something else is necessary.”
– Spock

– Scotty

This episode gets a turd.

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