Star Trek: “Spock’s Brain”

111111Jesus Herbert Judy Jumped Up Christ! If there is an entry in the encyclopedia for bad science fiction, I’m sure that the word “Spock’s” and “Brain” will be right next to each other.

This episode is so downright stupid, so inconceivable badly written, and so insulting that there’s next to nothing about it that works. Yeah, you could look at this travesty and laugh at it because it really is that bad, but that’s just it… it’s bad. One of the worst episodes of Star Trek ever assembled.


Interesting Fact: For the first time, the main viewscreen image is rear-projected live during filming in order to allow the actors to interact with the display. Previous viewscreen images were superimposed after the scene had been filmed.

“Brain and brain! What is brain?”
– Kara

Donner gives this episode a big fat turd for sucking so much.

Turd Rating

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