Star Trek: “Plato’s Stepchildren”

Air Date: 11.22.1968
Stardate: 5784.2


I have to admit, in retrospect I thought I hated this episode, but when I revisited it, I did enjoy it more than what I thought I would.

The embarrassments of this episode are parried out nicely making suitable bad guys out of the Platonians but what is really nice about this epsiode is that the plot is constructed logically and the characters are true to themselves and the way they fight back.

And I loved – loved – the character of Alexander, the little person who gets the most abuse out of all of them. If there is any real failing in the plot, it’s that the little guy didn’t get to deliver the comeuppance he deserved.

The villain does off way too easily and, given his cruelty, the ending lacks justice.


Interesting Fact: According to Nichelle Nichols, the infamous kiss almost didn’t happen. First the director, then studio executives, objected. Roddenberry talked them into shooting the scene with and without the kiss, saying they could decide later. Since it was near the end of a week of filming and the studio didn’t want to go over time, Shatner continued to ask for more takes of the kiss until the day was over, then subtly blew the non-kiss take by crossing his eyes at a crucial moment. The result was that the studio and director had no choice but to allow a kissing take.

“I’m thinking… I’m thinking of all the times on the Enterprise when I was scared to death and I would see you so busy at your command, and I would hear your voice from all parts of the ship… and my fears would fade. And now they’re making me tremble. But I’m not afraid. I am not afraid…”
– Uhura

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