Star Trek: “Mudd’s Women”

One thing that you have to understand about me. I don’t go easy on Star Trek just because it’s Star Trek and “Mudd’s Women” is an almost never ending stream of retardism interrupted by moments of slightly less retardation. Every single stride that the series made in equality of both race and sex is instantly washed aside by this idiotic display of mindless degradation.

Through the entire episode, scantily dressed women prance around the Enterprise with senior male officers drooling over them like dogs while Harry Mudd acts as a pimp selling prostitutes to lonely men out in space. I understand that sex in the 23rd century is supposed to be more fluid, but would prostitution really be something that would be tolerated on the Enterprise?

Then there’s the whole retarded subplot about the pills that make you beautiful that is so silly and convoluted that it becomes practically eye-rolling when it’s revealed at the end that Eve makes herself beautiful without the benefit of the drug. WTF? Beauty is acheived through will power and dumbassery now?

Don’t sit there and call me oversensitive either! I’m not knocking this episode strictly from a feminist point of view, the entire episode features crewmembers out of character, acting like bumbling jackasses who can’t seperate their testicles from their brains thanks to bad writing.

This episode was just ugly and no drug could save it.


Interesting Fact: Since this was an early episode, some of the details of the series were still getting nailed down. Some oddities in this episode include Spock’s people being called “Vulcanian” and a “conquered people,” Uhura in a gold uniform, and the Enterprise being powered by lithium crystals instead of dylithium.

“Oh, that sound of male ego. You travel halfway across the galaxy and it’s still the same song.”
– Mudd

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