Star Trek: “Mirror, Mirror”


Now THIS is more like it. “Mirror Mirror” is another example of Star Trek becoming so rooted into worldwide pop culture that elements of it can be found in everything from South Park to Rock Band (There’s one called “Spock’s Beard”. Seriously.)

That in itself is cool enough, but this episode is a classic romp – a science fiction fish out of water story where our perfect and highly evolved crew find themselves in hostile waters that are alien and yet so familiar.

I also have to give props to the set and wardrobe people for this one. Retooling the uniforms and sets must have been no small task and yet they take this dinky little show that had a shoestring budget and really went with it creating a genuine alternate universe. Bravo.

Great story, great direction, great danger, and great acting. Mirror Mirror kicks ass with a beard on.


Interesting Fact: Sulu wears a red uniform in the alternate universe. This makes him the only cast member from the original series to have worn all three colors of uniforms in the series. Sulu and The Doctor are the only two characters in the Star Trek universe to wear all three division colors.

“Captain Kirk, I shall consider it.”
– Mirror Spock

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