Star Trek: “Miri”


For an episode that starts out in such a ridonkulously ar-tarded way, Miri ends up redeeming itself with a story heavy on heart and chills as kids rule a familiar and yet alien world.

First, the ar-tardedness… Finding an exact duplicate of Earth floating out in space is just ridiculously stupid writing. A similar evolution and technology rate, I could swallow, but giving it the exact same landmasses is just freakin’ stupid. I almost turned it off when I first watched it as a kid, for I was only eight and I even recognized how retarded it was.

I’m glad I kept it on though, because “Miri” is actually very creepy. Stealing a page or twenty from Lord of the Flies, it’s a study in anarchy and, although lacking, makes for an entertaining watch.

Yeah, the children become annoying with their sing song bullscat, but watching some of the young actors give some very nice performances make up for the youthful idiocy demonstrated in the writing.


Interesting Fact: The exterior Mayberry set from The Andy Griffith Show was used for the planet’s surface. Kirk and company pass by the easily recognizable courthouse, Floyd’s barbershop, Emmett’s repair shop, and the grocery.

“No more blah, blah, blah!”
– Kirk

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