Star Trek: “Metamorphosis”


Even though I know that the episode is not perfect and has more holes in it Tupac, I rather like this installment. There’s something magical and sweet about it, sort of a science fiction Beauty and the Beast.

This is definitely not Star Trek’s finest hour, though, and the plot and story stretch all credibility but still, it’s nice to get some historical backstory and the end is rather touching — two people giving up immortality for each other is great stuff.


Interesting Fact: Cochrane is a central character in the 1993 novel Federation, where his presence is discovered by the surviving essence of an old foe from Earth, is abducted from Gamma Canaris, and the Companion/Nancy accompanies the Enterprise to recover him. In the end, the two end up in the year 2366, aboard Picard’s Enterprise; their asteroid has broken up in the century since she left it, and she begins to die, as she advised Zefram she would if she left it. Cochrane and the Companion merge into one being and vanish into space forever.

“Believe me, Captain, immortality consists largely of boredom.”
– Cochrane

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