Star Trek: “Is There No Truth in Beauty?”

Air Date: 10.18.1968
Stardate: 5630.7


“Is There No Truth in Beauty?” is an episode that would have been decent if it had any idea what to do with itself. It starts out as a pretty solid Spock episode, but then degenerates into a mounding platter of meandering crap.

Add to that the episode requires several leaps of faith and stretches of suspension of disbelief especially since one of the characters lives in a box and is so ugly that is drives people mad. It’s like Oscar the grouch with Gary Busey’s face.


Interesting Fact: During the filming of the dinner scene with the Vulcan IDIC medallion, new pages of script were suddenly sent down from Gene Roddenberry, who had made good on his threat to the network to no longer personally produce the series over a timeslot dispute. According to William Shatner in his book “Star Trek Memories,” the new dialog had Spock going on a longwinded dissertation about the IDIC philosophy, and the actors recognized it as little more than a sales pitch for merchandising the new medallion that Roddenberry planned to sell. The actors rebelled and refused to film it until Roddenberry intervened in person and trimmed it down.

“Most of us are attracted by beauty and repelled by ugliness — one of the last of our prejudices.”
– Kirk

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