Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan


Is there any need to convey the pure liquid awesomeness that is the 116 minutes that make up this monumentally orgasmic movie?

I mean, my God… The story is top notch, the effects are still amazing, the battle between Khan and Kirk is legendary, the dialogue is outstanding, the score is perfect – I honestly cannot think of one thing that is wrong with this movie. It tackled the issue of the aging crew at just the right time, supplemented it with all of the cadets on board, and topped it off perfectly with one of the most tear-jerking moments in the entire Trek legacy.

The Wrath of Khan set the bar as an audience pleaser, whether they were fans or not. It’s what drew me into the Star Trek universe and what kept me there even in the dark days of Early TNG and the crap that was Enterprise.

It’s perfect. Nothing less.

The Wrath of Khan is a trip.  A swashbuckling sword in mouth romp that doesn’t waste time and shamelessly allows the actors to chew scenery and overact as none have overacted before.

This amazingly fun movie is the sequel to one of the classic Trek episodes called “Space Seed” in which a group of genetically engineered humans from 1996 (hey, how were they supposed to know?) are found floating in space in suspended animation.  While they first appear to be benign, it is soon learned that they are actually a group of conquerors led by Khan, played by Richardo Maltobahn.   The group try to take over the Enterprise, but are defeated by Captain Kirk and his flying kick who maroon them on a jungle world were they can begin anew and hopefully do it without bloodshed and war.

Flash foreword fifteen years and now Admiral Kirk is having a mid-life crisis.  The Enterprise is being used to train up and coming Starfleet cadets and it appears that the young are taking over.  Chekov is now first officer of the starship Reliant and when he and his captain beam down to the surface of a desert world to test out a device capable of terraforming a world in a matter of minutes, they are captured by Khan and his gang.  Chekov is shocked to hear that Khan’s planet has been thrown out of orbit and Khan, now mad with vengeance, wants Kirk to pay.  Khan takes over the Reliant and sets off to blow Admiral Kirk, the Enterprise, and all of her young and untested crew to Kingdom Come.

Man, I love this movie!  This was a classic submarine war movie.  Two commanders in a race to outsmart each other with the theme of death and aging thrown in for good measure.  Plus, the “death” of Spock turns out to be the greatest and most emotional moment in all of Star Trek history.  Star Trek II is perhaps the most perfect Star Trek movie out there.

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