Star Trek: “I, Mudd”


While the first Mudd episode of Star Trek was sexist and just awful to watch, it’s this episode that makes Mudd such an endearing scoundrel even if the silliness does go a little overboard and Kirk escapes by once again talking a computer to death.

What makes this such an adorable episode is the fact that is evolves from a heavy story to a light story to a heavy story and then back into light yet despite it all, the threat and conflict is ever present to the point that watching Kirk team up with one of his enemies is a logical conclusion.

The outright silliness at the end when the crew acts like buffoons to confuse the androids is a little painful to watch, but Mudd is finally given his due at least.


Interesting Fact: Harry Mudd is the only guest character to appear a second time in Star Trek. He goes on to appear once more in the animated series.

“You see, gentlemen, behind every great man, there is a woman… urging him on. And so it was with my Stella. She urged me on into outer space. Uh, not that she meant to. But with her continual, eternal, confounded nagging … well, I think of her constantly. And every time I do, I go further out into space.”
– Harry Mudd

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  • Douglas Self

    Gratuitous ‘fan service’ (several sets of attractive young female twins in revealing outfits) and misogyny (Stella, the nagging, shrew crone wife of Harcourt Fenton Mudd that drives him “deeper into space”, subtle as a cinder block through a store front window) would make this hilarious episode SOOO hard to redo nowadays.
    No wonder the race that created these androids were killed off…they evidently couldn’t handle humor, subtleties, and paradoxes…all part of normal “Hew-mon” existence, and neither could their ‘machines’.