Star Trek: “Errand of Mercy”


Another very nice addition to the first season of Star Trek, not only for introducing the Klingons, but also for a story that is well penned and well acted.

Jon Colicos is a lot of fun as Kor and provides an excellent foil for Kirk. Back in this time, Klingons weren’t written as savage half-wits that they would later devolve into at times, but were philosophical soliders with a hint of Nazism.

Even between Kirk and Spock there are some great interactions. Not only that, but the costuming is nice, the sets look good, and the story holds up even after 40 years.

Great episode.


Interesting Fact: This is the first Star Trek episode featuring the Klingons. Jon Colicos essentially created the Klingon look when he suggested the make-up artist make him look like a futuristic Ghengis Khan.

“Here we are on a planet of sheep. Tigers, hunters, predators… killers. And it is precisely that which makes us great.”
– Kor

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