Star Trek: “Elaan of Troyius”

Air Date: 12.20.1968
Stardate: 4372.5


A largely appalling sit-com disguised as an episode, “Deanna of Troyius” is bland fare in which the running gag of a spoiled rude and arrogant princess gets really old really fast.

The episode gets muddled with its many plots and the writers unsure of which one should be the most important, but there is amusement to be had by some of it that keeps it from being an intolerable bore.


Interesting Fact: This episode was originally scripted to debut the ship’s new recreation room set, and the scenes were actually filmed. However, they were cut from the final airing broadcast, but numerous frames of the scenes have surfaced in recent years. These frames have been verified as being authentic, and had the scenes aired we would have learned not only that Spock took second place on his Vulcan Lyre in an “all-Vulcan music competition”, but that his father, Sarek, took first. Also, Uhura asks Spock if he could teach her how to play the Vulcan Lyre, to which Spock agrees but expresses his doubts as to Uhura – or any human’s – ability to master the Lyre’s mathematically-intensive operating concepts.

“Captain, that ancient Earth custom called “spanking”… what is it?”
– Elaan (I swear to God, she said it)

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