Star Trek: “Blink of an Eye”

Air Date: 11.29.1968
Stardate: 5710.5


“Wink of an Eye” is an episode that works best if you don’t figure logic into the whole affair. After all, if logic were considered, the Scalosian plot would have been executed a thousand times before Spock and the rest of the crew would have even suspected anything was amiss.

Even without the logic, though, “Wink of an Eye” is a weak episode. Not terrible, but as with most of the third season it has a good idea, but its execution lacks flair.

What does push this episode’s status is the tilted and surreal quality that the hypertime sequences are filmed. Very nice.


Interesting Fact: This episode features a rather daring scene (for 1960’s TV at least) of Kirk and Deela that strongly implies that the two had just had sexual intercourse. Kirk is seen sitting on the bed pulling his boots on, while Deela, with a rather pleased look on her face, brushes her disheveled hair in front of a mirror. Some Star Trek internet fans argue that this as one of only two times when it can be pretty much proved that Kirk had sex with a woman on the run of the Original Series.

“It was an… accelerating experience.”
– Spock

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