Star Trek: “A Private Little War”


Ah, yes… the one with the monkey suit.  You’ve got to love it.

“A Private Little War” serves as a Vietnam commentary with all of the subtley of a plane crash… even mentioning the war specifically at one point.

A lot happens in this episode and I would argue a little too much happens in this episode.  There are plots everywhere and, as a result, the episode loses a lot of focus on dismissible and, in some cases, unnecessary subplots.

That being said, I loved the ending.  It seemed like it was only at the end that “A Private Little War” got its act together and the implications (and the unusually adept Biblical reference) were right on the nose.


Interesting Fact: The name of the antagonist in the movie Zoolander, Mugatu, is a reference to Mugato. He, like the Mugato, has bright white hair. Ben Stiller, who stars in the movie and co-wrote it, is an admitted Star Trek fan.

“War isn’t a good life, but it’s life.”
– Kirk

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