South Park: “The City Part of Town”

Season 19, Episode 3

Airdate: September 30, 2015

With Mr. Garrison running for president and making a Trump-ish ass of himself, the reputation of South Park is hitting an all time low so, in order to save the good name of the town, the residents rejuvenate the shittiest part of town in order to attract a Whole Foods store… a prospect that does not sit well with Kenny and his family who just happen to live in the shittiest part of town.

arrow_15Meanwhile, Mr. Kim plots to attract business back to City Wok which has been drained away to the new rejuvenated part of South Park called “Sodosopa.”

So, South Park takes on gentrification and the phenomenon of urban trends.  I have to say, it’s a fair sight better and more timely than the last two weeks of episodes that felt like they were months and years late to the party.  With “The City Part of Town,” South Park returns to doing what it does best:  Making fun of culture which is more topical and a lot more timeless.

“The City Part of Town” is a little one-sided in its approach to gentrification, but on the other hand it doesn’t devolve into speeches or the sledgehammer-delivered messages that the show has become infamous for lately, but rather seems content to show just how worthless the new urban trends are.

It’s unfair, but then again who ever said that South Park had to be fair?

Overall, it was a very satisfying episode.   I’ve been away from the South Park table for a few years — nothing against the show, I just kind of drifted away for various unrelated reasons — and was a little worried with the new season that the show had lost its touch.  With “The City Part of Town,” it’s obvious that South Park still has some relevant things to say in entertaining ways.  It didn’t even have to be dirty or incredibly politically incorrect to say them.

I was even impressed when the episode closed on a very sweet and emotional note when it shows something that does matter and isn’t worthless.  Say what you will about the bias of the episode, but it was a very profound way to end it.




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