Shocking Racist Yearbook

Yes, I know it’s from 1952 and, yes, I realize that it’s from Alabama but in the name of Black Baby Jesus, look at this shit!

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Jason Donner

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  • toxiceye

    Holy fuckaroni!

  • jocof

    So what? It’s history. Accept what was the way it was without petty value judgements. You cannot change the past. Grow up already!

    • Jason_Donner

      I’m not sure what’s funnier. The dude who accepts racism or the dude who accepts racism telling me I should grow up because I find it distasteful.

  • jocof

    What the old dude who tells you to grow up is telling you is that your offended sentiments cannot change the past. The lesson is that you must accept what was, and then get over it. Acceptance is necessary to healing. Not accepting is preserving mental illness. I hope I am made clear now.