Sexist Fans Lose Their Shit With the Announcement of the 13th Doctor

Jodie Whittaker will make her debut this Christmas as the 13th incarnation of Doctor Who and the first female Doctor. 

Of course,  sexist fans had fits and had to voice their blind displeasure. @TechnicallyRon at Twitter took the worst comments from The Daily Mail and made episode titles out of them. 

People on Facebook were noticeably upset that there is such a thing as a female doctor. 

Thankfully,  there were other,  let’s say,  more… measured reactions. 

The experts chimed in with support. 

 Just to remind everyone…

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  • toxiceye

    Much like with the Star Trek Discovery issue, you people aren’t even real fans of sci-fi. Science fiction is, and has always been, about MORE possibilities, not less. Your inability to accept a woman who’s not Deanna Troi or Amy Pond is beyond ridiculous and makes us all look like horny 15 year old apes, desperate for acceptance but not knowing how to get it, and lashing out as the only apparent alternative.

    P.S. My cancer has been removed two times so far, both times by women. Women can actually be DOCTORS now and they’re good at it. I know this comes as a blow to your ego. And your lil chimichanga.

    • Logical guy

      Wow there. Just because you dislike something in a fictional work, whether it be a small or large detail, that doesn’t mean you aren’t a real fan of Sci-fi. Hell, there’s no such thing as a “true” or “real” fan because that’s entirely subjective. You can’t make that objective at all. If you dislike something, then that’s just your opinion. If you feel like it wouldn’t be as great with a woman, that’s your opinion. You aren’t suddenly this upset child, you’re just a person with a different opinion.

      Now in my opinion, blind hate isn’t acceptable at all, but you are allowed to disagree with the choice. You are free to think that way. Do I think people overreact? Yes, I do. I acknowledge that people, like the ones above, overreact. But there are people who dislike the change or aren’t entirely satisfied with it and have a calm and rational reaction. Having this change after about 54 years is going to cause a reaction like this. You can ask what’s wrong with having a female doctor, and there will be different responses. I’m okay with this change, but if you ask me, the main question is not if you can do something, but should you do something.

      • toxiceye

        You are right. The definition of “fan” does change from one fan to the next. And it is possible to disagree with a producer/writer’s decision and still be a massively hardcore fan. Any series can prove that on day 1. However, I stand by my admittedly hasty and ill-considered response.

        Rereading the comments above, and considering what I’ve seen today, I maintain they’re not real fans and the reason is: if a shapeshifting alien in a magic time travel box, whose species is known to jump gender, does in fact switch genders, and that alone is enough to make you tune you out, you were never in. The Time Lords are known to think nothing of switching genders, other than it making certain personal details more interesting. To have it happen to The Doctor, something we’ve always known was possible, and to decide it must inherently be bad SOLELY because it’s a woman . . . I just can’t possibly comprehend or get behind that thinking. Too write it off, leave the series, declare cancellation, just for that. I can’t even figure out how to write what I’m thinking. I’m a fair writer.

        I don’t see anything from the calm and rational set. I’m not sure, they may not be saying anything BECAUSE THEY’RE CALM AND RATIONAL. I’m seeing hundreds of responses from either the very much not calm or rational, and the tremendously excited. I’m not seeing a lot of different responses. I’m seeing two. Well, and you. So far in this 10 hour old controversy, as far as I’ve read, you’re the entire middle ground.

        Thanks for that, though.

        • toxiceye

          Just realized I could simply have said, “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, except for ^those^ guys.” Much more straight to the quick.