Sense8: “W.W.N.Double D?”

Season 1, Episode 7


Holy shit!  Something actually happened and not just an everyday something, an actual exciting and revealing something!  Could be be that over halfway into this series it’s finally generated an honest to goodness narrative hook and things will finally go forward?

2-a96RQkJAmazing that this narrative hook happened in one of my least favorite storylines of Sense8, Nomi’s story.  In the span of one episode, she’s gone from the damsel in distress to a proactive and pissed off woman who is determined to get some answers.  Although sudden, I am so grateful for this character turnaround.  Imagine, if she’d done this a few episodes ago, I wouldn’t have been so goddamn bored.

Nomi and Amanita really took center stage this time around leading to a very exciting reveal about what the mysterious Dr Matheson might want the sensates for which is a great thing considering the last time we saw Matheson was in the first goddamn episode.

Still, better late than never.

In Belgum, Wolfgang finally reaps the repercussions from his diamond heist as his best friend and partner is murdered right in front of him.  I’m glad some type of challenge has arisen for him given that he’s been a boring character so far.

At least he’s not as boring as Kala.  If these two ever meet, they are going to birth the most boring kids on the planet.

Lito, who was reduced to a bad menstruation joke last episode, is also feeling the shit get real when Daniella, his and Hernando’s live-in beard, has her phone stolen by her crazy ex-boyfriend.  It wouldn’t be so bad if Daniella didn’t take pictures of Lito and Hernando having sex, the dirty dirty girl.  Now, Lito’s entire career is in jeopardy if it gets out that he loves the cock.

Hey, at least now Lito’s got some outside conflict going since his sexuality has been mostly treated like a joke on Sense8.  I’m ready for shit to get real for him as well.

Sun, in the meantime, goes to prison and makes some friends, Riley goes to Iceland and reunites with her father, and Will gets on Matheson’s trail as well.

There was a theme of privileged and power in this episode that really seemed to tie the narrative together.  Each character is now dealing with something holding power over them and it’s not only reflected in them, but the characters around them.  How awesome was that line from the lady in prison about how the only strong women you’ll find in Korea are in prison? Capheus and Riley’s plane ride together was also very nice and, even though I’ve said it numerous times, I just love the hell out of Capheus’ optimism.  To him, the sensate powers are a source of wonder and something he loves.  He’s like Hiro from Heroes before they fucked up the character.

Best episode of the series so far.  It finally feels like Sense8 is going somewhere and this is the first episode I’ve ever finished with that I immediately wanted to binge the next one.

On to episode eight!

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