Rare Photos from the Pages of History


De Beer mine workers are X-rayed at the end of every shift before leaving the diamond mines. Kimberly, South Africa. 1954.


Lyndon B. Johnson cries as he listens to his son-in-law describe conditions in Vietnam. 1968.


A German dispatch dog carries messages to the front line during a German offensive (1918).


A Boeing B-47B Stratojet performs a rocket-assisted take off. April 15, 1954.


Exhausted marathon dancers, Oakland CA, c. early 1930’s.


Secret Service agent Tim McCarthy clutching his stomach after being shot during the assassination attempt of President Ronald Reagan (1981)


Solar explosions of the May 28 1900 eclipse.

The first mobile phone: Bell Labs two-way radio telephone, 1924

The first mobile phone: Bell Labs two-way radio telephone, 1924.


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