Best Reference to Murdering Gwyneth Paltrow by Cunning Linguist

Best Inclusion of Rick Moranis by Neon Noodle

Best Reference to The Twilight Zone by Neon Noodle

Best Reference to a Rodent in a Choir by Neon Noodle

Best Inclusion of a Fictional Serial Killer by Crocostimpy



Best Reference to a Gaping Anus by Atomic Cow

Best Titty Grab by Arrenbas

Best Period Humor by Arrenbas

Best Bird by Redant

Best Borderline Porn by radioman



Best Man vs. Wild Meme by Miguel

Best Shining Reference by BadLieutenant

Best Gary Busey by Rizzo Crackers

Best Image of Muhammad by Rizzo Crackers

Best Tolkien Rip by MaxRenn



By Flutter Proof

Best Movie Poster Remix by Flutter Proof

Best Star Wars Reference by Dinosss-Go-Rarr

Best Scatological Reference by Crocostimpy

Your Going to Hell, MaxRenn



Fucking Awesome by Rizzo Crackers

Ewwww! by JRSly

Best 300 Reference by Atomic Cow

Best Nazi Reference by Atomic Cow

Best Riddick Reference by Atomic Cow



Most Horrible Reference by BadLieutenant

Neville Remix by Mooninite

Best Farting Gag by Mooninite

The Very Wrong Award by Flutter Proof

Best Pun - The Chest Poohper by dinosss-go-rarr

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