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Anger Management

If he could just break from his typical comedy mold, I could see great things down the line but, Sandler sticks to what he knows like a nervous 60’s family afraid to come out of the safety of their bomb shelter.

Movie Reviews

Animal House

Yeah, the pretentious will sneer at Animal House for its humor that aims at the lowest common denominator and its inconsistent storyline that’s basically just a clothesline to hang jokes on. Admittedly, they are right…



I just saw a great movie with Ice Cube as the main character. There, I just wrote down a sequence of letters that formed a string of words that became a sentence I never thought I would ever write down in my entire life.

Movie Reviews

Bad Company

How can a movie about a nuclear bomb in a suitcase being toted around New York City be made so mind-numbingly boring!? Bad Company has no suspense, zero ambition, little originality. That and its two stars, Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock phone in the worst performances of their careers.