New York’s Hidden Subway Station

Deep underneath the streets of New York City lies a forgotten and beautiful secret that remained hidden from the public view for almost 70 years.  This amazingly preserved station, unused since the 1940’s, featured arched tile ceilings and brass fixtures more beautiful than any subway station still in use.

City Hall Station, as it is known, was closed down due to compatibility problems with newer subway cars and a general lack of use.  Today, those who are privy to this information, can ride through the station on the Number 6 train as it makes its slow turnaround through the old station.  You won’t be able to get out, but you can see with your own eyes a largely untouched relic of New York’s Golden Age.

If you ever do a little unrecommended and illegal underground exploring (Don’t do this! You will be arrested!), you might also find an underground art gallery where urban artists have decorated the undecorated concrete walls.

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