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They should just be honest with the movie going public and stop calling these movies Spider-Man and just call them what they are: Peter Parker’s Shitty Repetitive Love Life Featuring Spider-Man and, yes, in case you’re wondering that is exactly as interesting as it sounds.

1_e9651016566bfb8aa8363789ad3f0e45_650xNot to crap too much on The Amazing Spider-Man 2, because, for what it is, it is entertaining but only just so. At its core, it’s just more of the same boring and repetitive rigmarole. An out of balance superhero tale that focuses way too much on predictable melodrama and not enough on spandex and web-slinging.

In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Jaime Foxx plays Max Dillion, a workforce nobody who is a little in love with Spider-Man and forms an imaginary friendship with him. However, when an accident transforms Max into an electrical entity known as Electro, his illusions shatter around him and he becomes… well, a prisoner for most of the film.

Because he was just too interesting, apparently and would have made things too exciting.

Meanwhile, Harry Osborn returns to New York to visit his dying father, but just when you think that things can’t get worse for him, he discovers that he also have this strange disease that his father is dying from as well. As fate would have it, the only thing that can save him, is Spider-Man’s blood.

Also Meanwhile… Peter Parker’s goddamn love life.

Oh, and also the Rhino is in this movie also. For three minutes.

A few weeks ago, I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier which is, quite honestly, one of the best superhero movies ever made. Winter Soldier balanced the lives of Steve Rogers and Captain America so perfectly that there was never a distinction between the two and nary a dull moment.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a collection of dull moments. From Peter’s pretentiously boring relationship with Gwen Stacy to his bitchy friendship with Harry Osborne to his angst about his own family, none of it is surprising, none of it is interesting, and none of it is worth the time devoted to it.

While I do admit enjoying this movie on a base level, there is nothing in this film that surprises. Everything goes exactly the way you expect it to so much that, with one line, I knew exactly where Peter and Gwen were going to be at the end of the movie and I was pretty much spot on.

Word of advice girls, if you’re dating a superhero and he finally commits… run. Just run.

2_bad8872c6bc02e5d804c97c1c728f932_650xWith all its problems, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is better than the first movie. Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker is much less of a sarcastic douchebag this time around (even taking a few lines to explain away his complete disregard for Captain Stacy’s final wishes in the last movie) and Jaime Foxx was a lot of fun as Electro in both his supervillian incarnation and his mentally unstable human version. I only wish they would have kept his instability a little more consistent in the film. He goes from being an interesting psychological study to a clichéd villain almost instantaneously.

Dane Dehan is also in this movie as Harry Osborn and, I have to say, I love to see this kid get more high-profile work. He was amazing in Chronicle and he really doesn’t disappoint in Spider-Man 2 either… at least not with what he was given to work with.

Is The Amazing Spider-Man 2 a disappointment? Sort of… to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much as I didn’t like the first movie at all, but it is entertaining. It plays it safe, follows the formula, and makes itself into a nice and quiet Summer movie, but that’s really it. Even the worst of the Avengers movies is light-years ahead of this fluff.

The most damning thing I can really say about this movie is that it is boring and a movie about Spider-Man should be many things, but boring is not one of them.

What did you think?

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