Moonbeam City: “Mall Hath No Fury”

Season 1, Episode 1

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I can imagine the pitch for this show must have been something along the lines of, “It’s Archer meets Miami Vice” and it was immediately greenlit as it should have been.  In this, the pilot episode of “Moonbeam City,” we meet Dazzle Novack, a police officer who is easily distracted, stupid, and horny… basically Archer.  When he’s suspended, he becomes the manager of a hot singer and unknowingly becomes a crime boss’ accomplice.

c99972b8947f9de859abed8025e0b3b8f08b9549It’s not that Moonbeam City is bad because it’s not and it’s not that it’s not funny because it is, but the problem is, it doesn’t feel good enough or funny enough.  It’s not that the show is inherently flawed, but rather it feels like Moonbeam City hasn’t hit its stride yet.

Despite being heavily derivative of Archer, it does have its own unique style, firmly entrenched in the 1980’s with the synthesizer music, clothes, and stylized animation.  Moonbeam City has promise and hopefully it will have a chance to achieve it.

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