Mesothelioma: What Asbestos Can Do

If you’re about as I am, you probably remember the big asbestos scare and how, after decades of being a trusted and widely used insulator, it suddenly became a harbinger of death and cancer!  While many of us dismiss such things as the droolings of asbestos lawyers hoping to make a quick buck, it turned out that asbestos really was as dangerous as we thought it was.  Working with it, breathing it in, or even being around the clothing of someone who came into contact with it ran the high risk of developing a nasty cancer called mesothelioma which causes growths inside the inner tissues of the lungs.  Strangely, mesothelioma is one of the cancers not caused by smoking.

The four types of mesothelioma are all aggressive and the survival rate is low.  Sadly, military veterans and 9/11 first responders have a high risk for this disease.

Warning!  The following pictures are nasty!







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