How Not To Behave In 15 Countries
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  • It’s always good to know what not to do in a new country, to avoid offending others. Thanks for sharing!- Janeen


    Why isn’t the US on this list? Oh yea, that’s right, we kowtow to everyone elses beliefs in this country….

    • Jason_Donner

      Because this is an American site with a largely American audience that assumes that Americans don’t need tips on how to behave in their own country, but if you would like to continue to feel victimized, please continue.


        Thank you for allowing me…. But, it seems to already be a right of every US citizen.
        It would be nice to hear some American culture no-no’s… I can’t think of any, but, I’m probably too close, or biased or something like that. Can you think of any ?
        I was just trying to be funny and didn’t mean to offend the excellent writer of this awesomely informative article…

        • WillofTheGods

          Tipping for nearly everything is the go-to American piece of culture not found elsewhere. Tipping exists elsewhere but not so extensively.

  • Ethos Mc’Spoopy

    Don’t create a selection of slightly patronising generalisations about people in a country?
    I’m not crazy annoyed, but I’m British, and we love it when people invite us over! Seriously, get us a fucking cup of tea and some cake and we’ll be down for anything!

  • WillofTheGods

    So in America, you can just cut in line whenever you want and no one cares? Mint.

    The French tips are rubbish btw. Almost all French people speak a second language outside of the elderly and the rural. And it’s no worse for Vegans there than anywhere else.

    • Jason_Donner

      Not normally. Honestly, I’m not sure what the cutting in line tip is all about.