Gotham: “Strike Force”

Season 1, Episode 4

Airdate: October 12, 2015

The Penguin finds himself in an unlikely alliance with Theo Galavan which pits him against Gordan and the GCPD’s new strike force dedicated to taking down crime in Gotham.  Meanwhile, Edward Nygma gives in to his dark side to score a date with Miss Kringle.

Gotham is currently in a tug-o-war between being a gritty crime drama or a comic book ham-fest.  Either one would be fine, but it really needs to decide which it wants to be.  It would work as either one, but not both because the transition between the two is off putting.

Otherwise, the episode is decent…  Sure, the show isn’t as interesting without Jerome, but it’s setting up some interesting plot turns in the future that seem pretty unpredictable with the exception of Michael Chiklis’ character being the most doomed character on television since Kenny.

Aside from the inconsistent tone, the episode is also awash in some very cliched writing and characterization that we’ve seen a million times before.  Chiklis’ character looked like he came straight out of a handbook and Theo Galavan is taking a page from the Idiot’s Guide to Super Villains.

It just seems like the show lost a bit of its consistency from previous weeks. It’s not terrible, but it’s gone downhill a bit.

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