Gotham: “Damned if you Do”

Season 2, Episode 1

Airdate: September 21, 2015

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I wouldn’t call Gotham “must see TV,” but it’s one of those shows that has promise to be something great but can never quite get there.   One can argue that it’s own premise of Batman minus Batman defeated it before it could get going, but it still has a feeling like it could become something extraordinary.

0In the meantime, until it finds that greatness, it’s just… okay.

In true Gotham fashion, though, season two started out with more of the same.  More of the same tired “Gordon vs. the World” cliches and carrot on a stick plotting that, quite frankly, I’m getting so tired of seeing from every goddamn television series on the air today.

I knew when the episode started out with that “It’s a Perfect Day” song, it was a bad omen… that last shitty episode of Fear the Walking Dead used the same song three days ago.

A few months have passed since the incredibly bad finale.  Penguin has become a full fledged mafia boss, Barbara is still crazy, Edward is talking to Gollum-Edward in the mirror, Harvey has quit the force and become a sober bartender, and Commissioner Loeb is making Gordon’s life a living hell and, when Gordon is pushed to the edge, he goes to the Penguin for help… only the price may be too high.

For all of my complaining about Gotham, I have to give it credit for turning Barbara into a psychopath.  Seriously, she was such a shit character last year and I can’t think of a single person I know who didn’t hate her prissy awful guts.  Now, as a cold murderous psycho… she’s actually interesting to watch and interesting to speculate about.  Could she be Harley Quinn?  Could she be… the Joker?  Could all of Gotham be set in a weird parallel universe?

The Gordon stuff, as I said, it pretty standard and predictable fare…  the old “I have to get dirty for the greater good” story and, while it was predictable, I am glad to see the Loeb story come to a close finally.  Gordon also has a pretty great scene with Harvey that was pretty sweet.

The Bruce Wayne plot was basically nothing more than opening one mysterious door to find another and, to be honest, it was pretty ridiculous.  It dragged down the episode, it was inappropriately comedic when it needed to be serious, and short-circuited itself with its own miscalculations.   I don’t like young Bruce…  he comes off as an uppity shithead and he’s someone I simply don’t want to root for.

While the show is still simply okay, the promise that it’s showing is rather interesting.  The villains are out of the asylum and ready to do some damage… now if only they would start wearing costumes, it would feel like Gotham and not some generic police drama with name-dropping.

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