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  • This is seriously so fucking nasty and rude. Shit like this is what keeps people from cosplaying. It keeps them from enjoying a hobby they really love because they fear ending up on a site like this. You should be fucking ashamed to have made something like this. Those people were just having fun and more than likely a lot of them were doing their first cosplay. Or maybe they couldn’t afford anything else. Or just wanted to have FUN. So who the fuck are you to judge? I think this should be taken down. Articles like this are the reason so many people have fucking self esteem issues. Absolutely disgusting and appaling.

    • Jason_Donner

      Your response to this post has hurt me on a fundamental level and you should be ashamed of yourself. Shit like this is what keeps people from wanting to do quality free websites like this. It keeps us from enjoying a hobby we love because we fear comments like this. You should be ashamed to have responded this way. I was just having fun and, quite possibly, this is my first website or maybe I can’t afford a staff and have to do all of the posting myself or maybe I just wanted to have FUN! So who are you to judge me? I think you should delete your comment. Comments like this are the reason so many people have self esteem issues. Absolutely appalling.

      • Wow. You’re so clever. It’s incredible. With that level of creativity you would think you’d be famous by now. Gosh. I’m so impressed by your skill.

        • Jason_Donner

          Oh good. I was so hoping to impress some random easily offended nobody on the internet today. Mission accomplished!

          • Pint-Sized Pirate

            I dunno man, why make fun of people but then get butthurt when you get called out on it? Btw, a couple of these are just stock photos and one is fanart.

          • Jason_Donner

            When I’m called “fucking disgusting and appalling” I have a tendency to take it personal.

          • If you’re dumb enough to think that I’m the only one offended then wow. Clearly I found this list somewhere. Hmm. Maybe from someone else where a ton of people found it as gross and rude as I did? What a concept.

          • Jason_Donner
      • Also, clearly you have no kind of human compassion or anything of the sort. I don’t think you realize how much it hurts someone to find out they are on a site like this, especially if they were under the impression they looked alright. So maybe their cosplay isn’t perfect but everyone starts somewhere. An article like this is harmful to the people involved as well as people who see it.

        • Jason_Donner

          Social Justice Warrior AWAY!!!!!! Social Justice Warrior! Fighting for sensitivity, political correctness, and a general lack of humor everywhere!

  • Ah lol the good ol’ Good vs. Bad cosplay list. I have seen this list and all these photos on many other websites. First saw it on Most of these aren’t even legitimate comparisons since some are stock photos, some fan art, and some are comparing cosplayers that are doing different versions of the characters (eg. Live action version of batman compared to someone cosplaying batman from the comics). One is even comparing a human cosplaying to a dog in a costume… just what even.

    And not that you care probably (this is more for people who may be viewing this list), but, that “bad” Jack Sparrow is me. Below is what my Jack Sparrow looks like today. It’s funny how this particular comparison list keeps getting passed around. On the original post from Buzzlie, the author thought I was a guy. Well I’m a girl, so jokes on them for getting confused. Guess it just goes to show how well I’ve done as Jack 😛

  • Vandral ‘Betty’ Retard

    those pikachu cosplays are both bad

  • Will Man

    The “bad” Jack Sparrow was pretty good actually.