Ghetto Car Fixes and Mishaps
Give Daddy Some Love...

1. That's One Tasty Exhaust

2. How Did That Even Work?

3. Skid Plates Certainly Have Evolved

4. "Oh, So That's Where I Left My Drink."

5. This Cars Got A Fever, And The Only Prescription Is More Cowbell!

6. That's One Way To Manage Your Fuel

7. Wonder If The Cord Still Works After This?

8. Are You Trying To Overcompensate For Something?

9. Yup. We Found Out Where The Smell Was Coming From

10. Ace Hardware Washers Are Not Recommended Parts

11. Quite A Hairy Situation You've Got There. Bet It Sounded Like A Shotgun, Too.

12. Do Not Drive Over A Mattress.

13. Whoever Left This Here Is Just NUTS!

14. When DIY Goes Wrong. Hope That Is Treated Lumber.

15. That's An Odd Place To Keep Your Shovel

16. Stick A Fork In It, This Car Is Done

That Can Go A Few More Miles, Right?

The Driver Was Complaining About A Rough Ride

The Tire Is Still Covering The Wheel...Barely

What Do You Even Do To Cause This?

Must Be A Fan Of Racer Slicks

Still Got Some Tread Left

You Can Buy A Porsche, But You Can't Buy Common Sense

Fix The Hole By Any Means Necessary

Wait. What?!

When In Doubt, Zip Tie It

You Do Need To Replace Your Spare Occasionally

Looks Like Something The Flinstones Would Have On Their Car

No Snow Chains? No Problem. Just Add Screws!

Trust Us, IIt Will Make It Another 10,000 Miles

Leave Hole Repair To The Professionals

How Do You Get This Wear Pattern?

Give Daddy Some Love...
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