Freeze-Dried Deer

A few years back when I first considered the move to Alaska, I naively asked an Alaska Living mailing list if it was safe to bring pets to Alaska.  A nice lady from Fairbanks wrote back and told me, of course it is, but I have to be careful and take precautions.

She told me of how household pets go missing in the wintertime and then show up during the spring thaw as a freeze-dried corpse to be picked up by animal control.  Truthfully, I never really believed such a thing was possible until I came across this image of a deer that met that fate.

As you can see, this animal was frozen upright and remained that way.  This is a sobering reminder of just how treacherous our home planet can be when we don’t respect nature’s ability to snuff us out.


A letter from a visitor puts a new angle on this story:

I came over this picture under curiosities:

However, the story is wrong, this deer hasn’t frozen to death, it’s been hit by a car. It was one of many in an improvised campaign held by local reindeer owners in the far north of Norway, who were angry due to the many reindeer being killed by drivers every year, without the driver standing forth. Of course, the campaign got quite the attention, and the authorities soon removed the carcasses.

It’s a curious picture, though not because of mother nature.


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