Fear the Walking Dead: “Wrath” and “North”


It’s the end of the season as we know it!   Nick must try and save his newfound home and Travis does something desperate and stupid to find out what happened to his shit-ass sack of fuck son, Chris.   The season finale of Fear the Walking Dead starts…    Wait for it…. NOW!

We open with Ophelia?  Oh, hey!  Remember her?   Well, she’s driving along the border fence when her vehicle breaks down because it was in the script.   As she tries to fix it by opening up the hood and staring at the engine.  Bitch, you know that don’t work.  Suddenly, zombies attack to remind us that this is a show about zombies and Ophelia manages to fight them off and kill them to death.   Resuming her journey, she comes to a hole in the fence and slips through, only to be shot at and cornered by a Tea Party Patriot because Murica.   And, this is pretty much the last we see of her until next season, I guess, when you will probably see her appear and say, “Who the fuck is that?”

Meanwhile, Nick wakes up and sneaks away to deliver drugs to Marco to insure the safety of La Colina, but when he gets there, Marco ain’t having none of that shit and tells Nick that he knows where La Colina is – and is coming to take it.  He tells Nick to go back to his new home and tell the others to get out or die – just like my daddy told me when I turned 18.

At the hotel, we find two of the Bro-migos among the refugees complaining and bitching and doing everything that stereotypical American frat boys do because, after all, why would the zombie apocalypse put an end to white teenage entitlement?   Their assholishness doesn’t go unnoticed as Madison realizes that these assholes are the same assholes that Chris left with last week and, rather than burden Travis with the knowledge that his decision to let Chris go probably doomed his own son, she elects to exile them from the hotel because lying always works out best in these types of situations.   Shockingly, the ensuing riot catches Travis’ attention, he sees the fuckass bro-tard, and he demands to know where his terrible psychotic son is.

Back at la colina, Nick and Luciana tells Alejando about Marco’s threat and the coming invasion, but their pow wow is interrupted by a random zombie attack because those things happen.  Nick subdues the zombie by turning his head into a bowling ball and as Alejandro casually dismisses the bite he received in the attack, you can practically see the bullshit dripping out of the wound.

Back at the hotel, Travis asks what happened to Chris and the Bro-migos relay the tragic news that Chris was killed in a car accident.   Travis, however, uses the nitpicking skills of a lonely Star Trek nerd, detects multiple holes in their story so, the Bro-migos come clean and admit that Chris was only injured in the wreck, but they killed him anyway by shooting him, killing him fatally to death.   The Bro-migos are then celebrated as heroes and given a parade to accolades and showers of confetti and tossed panties for they have eliminated the most horrible character in Walking Dead history.   Off to the side, the ghost of Andrea smiles knowing that she is no longer the worst character ever.

That’s a lie.  Travis goes apeshit and beats the ever loving fuck out of them and then beats the ever-living fuck to death.   In the midst of his Hulk rampage, Oscar is knocked out.  Travis doesn’t give a flying fuck as he curb stomps the bro-migos right into the ground and straight into hell.

The good man is no more and now, the episode is over.

What?  There’s more.

Aw shit.

So, Travis done fucked up good.   He’s done violence – to put it mildly.  That’s like saying Usan Bolt did running,   or Michealangelo did art, or my ex-wife is a cunt.   In any case, he’s done violence which is against the rules that Maddy proposed – nice job there, dickhead – and has to be exiled from the hotel.   Maddy and Alicia decide to leave with him and Strand, tired of white people drama, elects to stay behind.

Nick wants Luciana to leave with him, but even though she’s angry because it turns out that the bullshit artist wasn’t immune to the zombie virus after all, she believes in la colina and decides to stay.   Nick however, is having none of that shit and gets the fuck out of Dodge, but on the Dodge city limits, he sees something that compels him to go back.   He has a talk with a dying Alejandro and tells him that he saw a refugee camp across the border in America.   In one of the most tender scenes I’ve ever seen with people doing drugs that doesn’t involve under the table hand-jobs, Alejandro gives his leadership to Nick and Luciana, trusting them to save his people while he stays behind to die a good death.

Back at the hotel, Oscar dies from his injuries and his homies rush in to do violence against Travis, but they are saved by Strand who, apparently, hasn’t had his fill of white people drama yet.  However, as they make a run for it to escape the hotel, Strand’s white people drama tank hits maximum capacity and he tells them to go without him.

Marco and his crew come to la colina to take it over and, after easily crossing the zombie guard dogs, find out that the entire colony is deserted and they celebrate.  The celebration is premature as Alejandro has stayed behind to enact the colony’s self-destruct sequence, allowing the zombie guard dogs to overrun the place as Marco and his boys are overwhelmed by the tsunami of slow-moving dead fucks.

A little while later, Travis, Maddie, and Alicia appear looking for Nick and come across the overrun colina.  Before they bug out, they find Alejando dying in the bus who tells them that Nick has gone North towards America.

Nick and Luciana lead the residents of la Colina to the promised land.  Just like Moses, only Nick has the blood of the enemy on his hands.   Scratch that.  He’s just like Moses.  Unlike Moses, however, he’s greeted at the promise land by bullets and asskickings.  Luciana is shot, the colony survivors take major losses and the episode ends on a cliffhander as we are left wonder if that’s a pimple coming up on our right buttcheek, how long that spider-web has been in the corner, and… I guess what the hell is going to happen on the next season of Fear the Walking Dead.


While the episode suffered by having its attention split by the nearly unconnected Nick story and the things that were going on in the hotel, there was enough advancement in the plot and enough resolution to not make this episode a chore to sit through.

The end of the bro-migos and the subsequent end of Chris was satisfying to watch and, a lot like last week, Cliff Curtis played it brilliantly.  I also have to give props to Frank Dillane.  Even though his character is kind of a fuck up, DIllane plays him strongly as a co-dependent survivor on a very loose redemption arch.   I know that Nick has left a lot of damage in his wake and I think Nick knows this too and he does what he can to make up for it, but his resolve is weak making him a very flawed protagonist.  In many ways, Nick and Travis’ parallel stories are reverse mirrors of each other:  Travis is the good man broken into doing bad things while Nick is the broken bad man built up to do good.

I hate to call this a satisfying season finale because the season hasn’t been satisfying.  It’s honestly escaping me how this episode could have been a let-down based on the squandering we’ve see happen in the last few months but, it certainly wasn’t terrible.  I will admit that the cliffhanger was a weak one, it was drawn out and uninteresting and it’s kind of predictable what’s going to happen next, but I’ve seen worse… mostly from this show and mostly from this season.  Who knows… the theme this season was trying to poop out was about hope, so I hold hope that Fear the Walking Dead will finally find balance and finally find its own identity next season.   So, Via con Dios, Fear the Waking Dead.  May your hope burn as bright as the fires of hell that awaits that little son of a bitch, Chris.

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