Fear the Walking Dead: “The Dog”


Season 1, Episode 3

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Los Angeles is falling apart.  Riots, looting, and chaos reign as the undead begin to chew at the seams of civilization.   Travis and his group must outrun a rioting populous while Madison at home finds a threat on her front doorstep.

0While the show is improving, it’s being hampered by something that hampers all prequels that that is this:  We already know what’s going on.  There’s no mystery for the audience and, so, we end up watching character bumble and bump around being bewildered by something that is relatively old news to us.  I can’t help but wonder if there is some better way that this series could be handling this “mystery” at this point.

I was hopeful because for the first half of the episode, everything was moving and there was a very heavy sense of danger in every scene and then, just as quickly as it started and in what is becoming typical fashion for this fledgling series, everything ground to a complete fucking stop so that we could focus on character development.

This is getting so damn frustrating.

Look, I understand that the budgetary limitations of the television series simply can’t allow nothing but wall to wall zombie action, but there’s got to be a better way to balance this.  This show is either off or on, hot or cold… like one of those showers in a Motel 6.  Character development is a great thing, but it shouldn’t stop all forward progression like a roadblock!

Still, what worked worked.  The home segments with the dog were pretty damn chilling and disturbing and the riot sequences were exciting as well.  I just fear with only six episodes in this season and three of them already gone with the story spinning its wheels in the mud, that this show won’t make an impression at all and, for a show that still has yet to justify its own existence, that’s a dangerous place to leave it.

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