Ducktales: “Day Trip of Doom” & “The Great Dime Chase”

There was a part of me that feared that the cleverness demonstrated by the series premeire of the Ducktales reboot would gradually fade as the series trudged on… I guess you can call it my own cynicism or fear that The Disney Channel would blow its load early and the rest of the season would be awkward silence and snores, but I’ll be goosedowned, the second and third episodes of Ducktales were every bit as entertaining.   I’m beginning to think that we’ve got a great series on our hands.

First up, “Day Trip of Doom,” a Webby-centric episode.

Don’t leave!   Let me continue.

In the 80’s, the Webby episodes were a clear indicator that it was time to turn the channel to see what Oprah was up to, but this new Webby is a brand new animal… she’s Mabel from Gravity Falls melded with Louise from Bob’s Burgers and, strangely enough, not voiced by Wendy Schaal.  This Webby, raised in virtual isolation, is the ultimate fish out of water, excited about the most mundane things and well-versed in any number of strange and eventually useful skills.   She’s a nerd, but badass… she’s a freak, but the kind of freak you want around.

With this episode, Ma Beagle and the Beagle Boys return with Ma being played by wanted bank robber, boat thief, and character actress Margo Martindale who is a worthy successor to the role.

It’s so strange how comfortable all of the characters of Ducktales feel this early on in the series.   Despite my misgivings, I’ve completely accepted David Tennant as Scrooge, I’ve gotten used to badass Mrs. Beakley, and I honestly think that Webby… yes, goddamn Webby is the best character on the show.   “Day Trip of Doom” continues the same level of humor, cleverness, and winks to the audience that the first episode delivered and is a very entertaining continuation of what could be the best reboot in recent memory.

Episode three is “The Great Dime Chase.”

I was wondering what happened to Scrooge’s lucky dime and here, we have a whole episode basically devoted to it, the Money Bin, Gyro Gearloose, and Dewey’s search for information about his mother.   This is one of those highly entertaining frantic episodes where everything that can go wrong does and, unsurprisingly, results in a chase of the lucky dime through the Money Bin as Gyro’s new invention goes insane and tries to turn against humanity… or is it duckmanity?

While the dime chase was funny and the search for information on Della Duck was interesting (is it odd that I am more excited about this arch than any other arch on television?), I honestly was more taken in by Scrooge and his board trying to cut expenses and the overarching question of… why is there a Money Bin in the first place?   It was one of those questions I’ve had since the 80’s and the ultimate answer… made a whole lot of sense.

I don’t even mind the sinister re-imagining of Gyro who used to be a close ally on the old show, who is now a veritable mad scientist.   It was a risk, they took it… and it was awesome.

As before, it was every bit as clever as the previous episodes, there were a ton of easter eggs, and with every new episode of Ducktales, my expectations grow that much harder.

I mean larger.

Larger and harder.

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