Doctor Who: “The Edge of Destruction”

“The Edge of Destruction” – 8 February 1964
“The Brink of Disaster” – 15 February 1964


Early who could be cheap, but it should stay away from boring because cheap and boring is no way to do low budget sci-fi.

The main problem of this episode is that the crisis is never fully communicated. Yeah, okay… the Tardis might explode, but never did I feel that the characters every believed that reality. A gigantic fucking guillotine is hanging over their heads for the entire episode, and yet the characters take naps and bicker.

In addition to this, the Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Susan act strange as hell in this episode. I know that they are dazed or have amnesia or something, but they were complete dicks to each other. Susan’s overtly hammy overacting when her head hurts was more comical than terrifying.

The entire end of the episode feels like a cop out. I mean, yeah… it was 1963 and springs were a part of everything, but today that technical snafu just seems re-goddamn-diculous. The clues left behind by the Tardis were of Scooby Doo quality.

The only redeemable portion of the episode comes at the end when the assholism that had been displayed so virulently during the installment melted away and you finally see these characters growing fond of each other. Beyond that, however, it’s the weakest installment of the series so far.


“We had time taken away from us and now it’s being given back to us… because it’s running out!”
– Barbara deciphering a clue somehow.

Fun Fact: William Hartnell fumbles many lines in this episode and actually omitted an entire section of dialogue that explains the melted clocks.

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