Doctor Strange

After a terrible accident where a brilliant but personality-deprived surgeon gets his hands crushed, Doctor Steven Strange exhausts all avenues of Western medicine to cure himself and return to the life he once had and so, he seeks out more spiritual answers and begins a quest that will change his life forever and put him in the forefront of a battle between chaotic good and ancient evil.   This… is Doctor Strange!

Benedict Cumberbatch, the man who possesses the most Brittish name in the history of anything, has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Doctor Strange, a character that, quite honestly, I don’t know much about.   Sorry, I’ve always been more of a DC fanboy, but I do love the MCU and it’s been a lot of fun getting introduced to characters I’ve heard of, but never really learned much about.

I will say this… Doctor Strange certainly lives up to its title.   This is a strange movie and I mean that in the best possible ways.   The concepts are abstract, the visuals are extremely trippy and unique to this film, and so much of it is just spectacularly surreal that it can’t help carving out its own space in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that sets itself apart from all of its super powered brethren.

It’s hard not to like this movie on some level.   It has a refreshing confidence about it like it knows that it’s weird, but Guardians of the Galaxy taught it that weird is okay so it’s not afraid to be.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays the good doctor with a healthy dose of ego and evolution.   Perhaps a bit too derivative of Gregory House at times, but it still gets the job done of turning Doctor Strange into an identifiable and charismatic asshole that you don’t mind rooting for.

Yes, the white-washing of the cast is annoying and I have no idea why Hollywood is so goddamn afraid of casting Asian actors as Asian characters – would it really have deterred movie goers if the Ancient One had been played by an Asian actress?  Are there really that many people out there who would have said, “Shit, let’s not go see Doctor Strange.   There’s a side character being played by an Asian and not a white chick.”  Yes, I know these people actually exist, but should Hollywood be pandering to them?  No, they shouldn’t.   Fuck those people.

Honky ass crackers aside, Doctor Strange in an immensely enjoyable addition to the MCU.   A veritable kaleidoscope of weirdness and confidence shining a spotlight on a little known Marvel superhero and, from someone who knew very little about him until I watched this movie, allow me to say, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Doctor.

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