DC: Washington’s Demon Cat

Something the government has been mum on for the last few hundred years is a demon living in the sublevels of the US Capitol Building.  This demon has spooked security, baffled witnesses, and… horrifically enough… is an omen of terrible tragedy for America or a change in office.

And, there is precious little information about it at all.

The demon comes in the form of a black cat.  When sighted, the animal appears to be a normal stray cat but when it approaches, it’s said to have glowing eyes and grows larger to the size of a lion or bear.  Security guards have even been said to have shot at the cat only to discover that they are shooting at an empty hallway.  The demon cat vanishes without a trace.

The story of the demon cat, nicknamed “DC” by Capitol employees, begins shortly after the capitol building was completed.  Washington DC had something of a rat problem and cats were brought into the building to get rid of them.  As the rat problem was taken care of, the cats either wandered off or were adopted by people who worked there… but apparently, one remained.

DC has been seen periodically throughout the last 200 years.  Reportedly, he was spotted before the assassination of Lincoln and Garfield, before the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the death of Roosevelt, the assassination of Kennedy, the attempted assassination of Regan, and there was even an account of the cat being spotted the night of September 10th, 2001.

Whether real or the result of years of tall tales we cannot say, but if you ever find yourself in the Capitol Rotunda during a tour, take a look at the floor near the old entrance to the Senate Hall.  One thing that you cannot deny is the set of cat prints across the stone floor said to be made by the US Capitol’s demon cat.

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