Daredevil: “Bang”

Season 2, Episode 1
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Someone is killing the organized criminals in Hell’s Kitchen and Daredevil can’t tolerate that because killing is bad.  Now the race is on to find out who it is even though we, as an audience, have known who it is for months now.

daredevil_bangAll in all, despite the identity of the culprit being blown months ago due to the promotion of the series (but who can really blame Daredevil for that?), the opener of season two is pretty darned solid.  The tone seems darker and grittier from the also-strong first season and the actors are all on-point with their portrayals.  If anything, Daredevil represents the barely talked about underbelly of the Marvel universe and going there is a nice change of pace from flying around with Tony or being all clean-cut with the Captain.

What I liked most about this episode is that, despite the fact that it’s doing a lot of tone-setting and recapping to remind us who these people are and what they’re doing, they waste little time getting the plot-ball rolling and introducing the shadow of the Punisher to Hell’s Kitchen.   In a sense, Daredevil does what most series seem incapable of doing… hit the ground running and don’t stop.

It’s hard to gauge Jon Bernthal’s performance as Frank Castle since he hasn’t really said a word yet and we’ve barely seen his face, but his presence on the show is like a dropped boulder.  He fits on the show and he’s a logical choice for the second season and I personally can’t wait to see how Bernthal relishes in the role.

It was a strong opener, it was a perfect way to pick up the story, it was a perfect character to add, and the climax did not disappoint.

I know what I’m going to be watching during the next week or two.

Maybe less if I have little control.


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