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Batman has a son now in case you missed it and, man… is he an asshole.

In the neverending evolution of Bruce Wayne’s crusade against crime, the addition of his son, Damien Wayne, has been rather entertaining both in comic form and the recent Batman and Son movie. Now, in the sequel to said movie, Batman and the Bastard Wonder find themselves at odds when a myster

ious force called The Court of Owls enacts a new plan to take over Gotham City. Batman has a problem with their murderous methods while Robin thinks it’s a necessary evil.

I do enjoy watching the team up of Batman and the new Robin. There is an intensity and an animosity that you just never got in the Dynamic Duo before. While Robin’s personality can be grating at times, the personality fits… he’s supposed to be a trying little shithead. It’s who he is.

Batman vs. RobinThe major problem I have with Batman vs. Robin is that the movie takes forever to get going. Sure, it opens with a big and disturbing fight scene with a supervillain, but for solid stretches after that, it plods and wanders, punctuated by the occasional action sequence to break the dialogue heavy angst that oozes forth.

Once the final third of the movie starts up, though, the pacing problem sorts itself out as shit most decidedly gets real. It’s very exciting and I loved watching it. I can rarely remember a time when the stakes were as high as they were in the climax of this movie.

As someone who grew up watching Bruce Timm’s DC Universe cartoons, part of me still finds the new animation and voice actors a little jarring, but that’s my own personal demons. Truth be told, the animation is spectacular and the new voices fit. I just have to keep reminding myself that things change… things evolve.

I have to be okay with that.

So, in closing, it’s not a bad little movie. Good… not great.

The pacing problems hurt it and it could have used some editing to stop it from rushing in some places and crawling in others, but for the most part it’s pretty good. Not Under the Red Hood Good, but good enough.

Now if only DC and Warner Brothers could get their shit together long enough to put together a decent live action movie, we’d have it made.

What did you think?

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