No orbs, no mist, no baloney!  Welcome boys and ghouls to's shocking showcase of ghost photography!  Some of the pictures featured in this gallery are as old as a hundred years while others are as recent at 2006.  The reader is invited to reach his or her own conclusion as to whether these pictures feature real ghosts or just figments of hopeful imaginations.  Until then, little skeptics or little believers, turn out the lights and prepare for chills, thrills, and spooky delights.

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Marietta Monster

Phantom of the Bridge

Children in the Wood

A Ghost in the Garden of Good and Evil

The Haunted Hearse

St. Augustine Lighthouse False Positive

St. Naziaz Wisps

Malta Ghost

Rackheath Church Man

Early Morning Phantom

Solihull Spirit

The Lost Child

Caboose Ghost

Scottish Ghost

Jesus Appears... or does he?

The Haunted Coffin

Castello de la Rotta Ghosts

Demon in the Picture

Gas Station Ghost

Message from a Watery Grave

Lisheen Ruins Wraith

St. Augustine Lighthouse

Grandma's Ghost

Vatican Ghost

Sheffield Park Woman

Courtroom Spirit

Shadow Man

Angry Ghost

Deathbed Ghost

The A&M Galveston Face

Pictures from Another Time

Resurrection Mary's Handprints

The Queen Mary

Gray Spirit

TV Skeleton

Outside the Window

The Only Orbs We'll Ever Show Here

Full-Faced Phantom

Spirit of the Wood

Jimmy's Ghost

The White Lady of Roslin

Devil's Den Soldier

The Devil in the Flames

Japanese Ghost Pictures and Videos

Teddy Bear

Race Rock Lighthouse Haunted Chair

Thermal Camera Ghost

The Wicked Witch of Joshua Ward

The Backyard Visitor

The Ghoul

The Gettysburg Ghost

The Lost Regiment

Villisca Apparition

The Clark Field Ghosts

Ghost Girl Video

The Ghosts of Greencastle

The Rock Video Ghost

Attacked by a Ghost

The Passenger

The Michelham Piory Mystery Man

The Backseat Ghost

The Ghost of Boot Hill

The Burning Building Ghost

SS Watertown Ghosts

Granny's Ghost

The Return of Freddy Jackson

The Brown Lady

The Staircase Ghost

Lord Combermere

The Lady of Bachelor's Grove

The Haunted Railroad Crossing

The Specter of Newby Church

Baby Ghost

The Tudor Castle Ghost

The Ghost in the Choir Loft

The Sefton Church Spirit

The Toys 'R' Us Ghost

The Entity

Myrtle's Plantation

The Monks of Hull House

Six Flags Ghost

Elderly Woman Won't Leave

Tree Man

Utah Ghost

Japanese Security Camera Ghost

The Oklahoma Impound Lot Ghost

Borley Rectory

The Corroboree Rock Phantom

The Praying Ghost

The Gray Lady

The Ghostly Vicar

The Jesus Portrait

Cocklawburne Beach

Sinister Mirror Wraiths

The Faces of Belmez

The Amityville Horror

The Smith Building Ghost Girl

Eastern State Penitentiary Ghost

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"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science. Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead, and his eyes are dimmed."
- Albert Einstein