As you can see in this picture brought to us by Skinless, Jake Busey was not the cause of the machine's failure in Contact.  Evil Kitty did not want Jodie Foster to make contact with aliens so that the aliens would not learn of Evil Kitty existence until it was far too late.

Thanks to the miracle of digital technology, Evil Kitty intends to cast herself into some her her favorite films and then have the negatives destroyed as Slideman shows us.

Don't believe us?  Perhaps this still capture will change your mind!

Bfkiller shows us one of the many reasons Evil Kitty is a force to be reckoned with..

One of Evil Kitty's many hobbies is to upstage stars in their own sequels as RailroadHatPat shows us in this rare picture from Shrek 2.  Outraged by Evil Kitty's superior performance, Eddy Murphy and Mike Myers demanded that she be digitally altered for the final film.  In retaliation, Evil Kitty arranged for Eddie Murphy to star in The Haunted Mansion and for Mike Myers to appear with Kanye West in the Katrina relief fundraiser.